An Introduction...

Welcome to my new blogspot...and to start, a little about my journey here...

I have a background in costume design and I have been making dolls for many years. My recent creations have been cloth dolls inspired by antique dolls and my family history (another of my favourite pastimes). I also love creating anything with fabric and I'm enjoying experimenting with different styles and designing unique items.

In this blog I will share doll info, tips and tricks that I have learnt over the years and also pics and even a few patterns, so please check back often to see what's new....

Thursday, 22 July 2010

chasing rainbows...

Well...after a terrible few weeks where I have found out I'm losing my job in a couple of weeks time...and then got turned down for a university course...I was about ready to just give up!!
But after a good while feeling sorry for myself, I've picked myself up and I'm going to 'bite the bullet' and turn my hobbies into a full time business!!
I'm planning to start a costume design service as well as general dressmaking and, of course, my dolls will be a big part of it too. I used to make dance and stage costumes (like the one in the picture)and spent time doing bridal alterations before the dolls came along so it shouldn't be too difficult to 'start again' here's to a new beginning!!


  1. Hi Debbi
    Sorry to hear the bad news about the job but then on the other hand you may be heading in the direction you are meant to go. I had to make a similar decision a few years ago and although it has been hard and money very tight I am still happy with my choice. Have faith! With all the new electronic ways we have to sell it opens many doors that would never have been opened before.
    You have to see yourself now as a VERY successful entrepreneur and don't let anyone change that vision....
    Tina xo

  2. Hey Debbi and Tina,
    I am just starting through this same process, and I am taking a real leap of faith. How is it going for you and do either of you have any words of supoort for a fellow dollmaker???
    Polly Parnell